Thupten N Chakrishar aka vajradog


Web development

I have 10 years of well rounded experience in the web development field. I am skilled in HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JQuery, JQuery mobile, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation and Wordpress. I’ve worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 and MongoDB. I use git and GitHub daily. I develop websites using semantic mark-up, standards, accessibility, usability, and the latest coding practices. I am highly self-motivated and continuously strive to learn more.

Visual Communications

I am fluent in graphic design softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I have designed posters, flyers, newletters and annual reports for well established NGOs for the past many years.



Intensive online courses and peer programming workshops from some of the most prolific and well respected Ruby and Rails consultancies in the world.


Directing. Hands-on filmmaking workshop: directing, filming, sound recording, lighting designs and film editing.


Web Technologies. Primary web development and design tools.


3D modeling, animation and rendering in 3D studio max.

Experience (recent)

ODYSSEY: Oneworld Digital Security Exchange

Developed Web App for a popular Tibetan dissident. The project needed to be worked from the scratch:

Database migration. Logo, identity and branding design. Develop a custom theme for use and reuse. Implemented mobile device auto-detect redirection.

The Conserve Tibet Project

Developed a repository Website for the project. The project was funded by the Shelly & Donald Rubin Foundation. It is an ongoing effort to restore at-risk audio and video materials that are of historical and cultural importance to the Tibetan people and their identity.

Recovery and Restoration of audio/video marerials Create repositories for the contents on secure Amazon S3 servers. Design and Develop the site.

MediaKite Corp, NYC

Chief Technology Officer. Monitor technology and social trends that could impact the company. Communicate the company's technology strategy to partners, management, investors and employees. Responsible for company's technological needs


Simple, easy and quick way to edit a sample letter or write your own in the browser and print it with ease. The project was done on Ruby on Rails and is hosted at Heroku with open source code available at Github.

Vajra Communications, LLC

Founder, CEO and CTO. VajraTV: Global Buddhist Telvision Network. I created this ondemand video distribution service in 2010, still going strong.


The only company dedicated solely to build Buddhism related Apps for the iOS and Android market.

Recently worked with

Odyssey: Oneworld Digital Security Exchange.

Tibet Action Insititue.

The Conservancy for Trans-Himalayan Arts and Culture.

Res Publica.

The Tibet Fund.

References available upon request.

GitHub project Currently version 1.0.5